Semalt Shares The Basic Elements For A Very Good SEO Strategy

Successful search engine optimization is based on understanding the world of search terms, structuring it, and creating the best result for the user. This requires high-quality content. But user experience and technical aspects must also be taken into account.

So how do we create the best result that deserves to be at the top of search results?

Indeed, there are several methods. However, we will share the most important ones with you through the contents of this article. 

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Some advantages of engine optimization

SEO is an integral part of the online marketing mix of many companies. Because search engine optimization has many advantages:
  • More visitors to the website.
  • Visitors with information needs.
  • Visitors with specific needs.
  • Channel for leads and sales.
  • No direct purchase costs for visitors.
  • The Basis for strengthening further online marketing channels.
  • The Basis for tests and optimizations.

Using keywords as a basis for successful search engine optimization

Here, we distinguish three steps of keyword search, namely:

Lots of search terms

Many companies only have a few main terms on their screen. But users search in the form of thousands of different terms. One speaks here of a long tail keyword. This also includes synonyms, possible uses, and much more. Also along the customer journey. Each search phrase and combination has a different search volume - i.e. the number of people who search for it per month.

Deep research

We research these keywords centrally and evaluate them. Because this results in the next steps for search engine optimization: Working on the website architecture and content. We use various SEO tools for keyword research. Depending on the industry and country, there are suitable tools with a corresponding database. Some tools throw out just two terms, others dozens or hundreds of terms.

Clean analysis

Once the search terms and the search volume have been researched, the analysis begins. Which terms have the greatest value for the company? Here it often depends on the positioning of the company and its products. We will discuss this together. We also evaluate which terms have the best chance of top Google rankings - and then focus on that.

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The architecture of your website is useful for its referencing

It is very important to take care of the architecture of your website. To do it efficiently, we invite you to take into account the following points:

Cluster search terms

Website architecture is like cleaning up your home. You need a good place for everything. Order is half the battle when it comes to successful search engine optimization. You cluster the search terms into topics and assign them.

An example: You have a topic with 30 terms. For these 30 terms, suitable content will later be created on a subpage. In this way, exactly the content that the user is looking for is later on the page.

Prevent keyword cannibalism

If a website has been around for a long time, there is often the problem of "keyword cannibalism". Important keywords can be found on many subpages. The search engine cannot clearly assign which page should now be at the front.

The result: You are not in front with either side. A lot has been done - and little has been achieved. In search engine optimization it happens more often that you have to merge certain pages. Here, too, there are certain techniques and measures.

Optimize internal linking

Links are an important ranking factor in whether a website is ahead. There are two perspectives in search engine optimization: external backlinks, that is, links from other websites. The term Offpage is also used here.

A field rarely taken into account is the internal link. It refers to how closely the individual subpages relate to the site architecture and how closely these individual subpages relate to each other. In our experience, this is a key factor for successful SEO.

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Importance of content to search engines and visitors

Keywords are important. Because if you don't name the terms, you can't stand in front. And yet one shouldn't make the mistake of only writing for the search engine. On the contrary: there is a person behind every click - and they want to read good content. At the same time, the search engine wants the best, most helpful content to come first. Combining both - that is the art of successful search engine optimization. We are talking about high-performance content here.

Here are the steps to take into account to put in place a good strategy to write good content:

Content template

Now it's a matter of finding the right form of content. This consists of three levels: First, you decide on a genre (text, image, video, audio). Then for a style (entertainment, information, knowledge, values) and then for a content format - for example a tutorial, checklists, interviews, and many other options. Together, this creates a content design, i.e. how a single subpage is structured and structured.

Content planning

The set of keywords also shows which topics are important and how to approach them. This is followed by content planning, which often spans a quarter or a full year. So you know when and what content is being developed. At the same time, you should always be flexible and deal with important issues on short notice. Indeed, the first ranking results are often only visible after a few months.

Content production

Now is the time to get down to business. Here the focus is on the editors, with whom the threads come together. You need to make sure you have the editorial skills, also have a copywriter, and understand SEO requirements - from snippet to lead.

Also, you must have marketing, sales and specialist departments. Finally, make sure the final content is integrated into the CMS - in coordination with those responsible for IT and design.

Factors for converting visitors into customers

In order to succeed in converting simple visitors into customers, several tricks must be implemented. Among other tips, we can mention:

Technology vs. content

How many orders do you make out of 1,000 visitors? The conversion rate is crucial. When optimizing, however, often only works on a technical level.

From our point of view, you should test the content properly. For example headlines, entry points, or arguments from the argumentation of advantages. There is significantly more potential here.

Content performance

Another aspect that is rarely considered in web analysis and target measurement: content performance. Often, measurements are only taken at the end of the funnel or journey. So when the user fills out a form or sends an order. On the other hand, the focus is hardly on content performance, i.e. how the users interact with the content. This is about click rates, bounce rates, length of stay, and other success values that have to be measured correctly.

In addition to these two factors, there is the qualification of leads, which we will develop later in another content.

How to succeed easily?

To easily get through all of the above-listed steps, you will need the help of a professional service such as Semalt who will help you put a better strategy in place.

Here are the reasons why you need our services:
  • Keyword research is a supposedly basic subject. However, even experienced SEOs find it difficult to build lists of a good list of keywords. So, let us make it easier for you by helping you research relevant keywords for your niche. Also, benefit from our experiences with the best SEO tools.
  • SEO strategy is derived from the concept of SEO and keywords. For example, search terms are defined to be findable with certain sub-pages. Therefore, our goal will be to help you put in place some necessary measures, such as content structure.
  • High-quality content is the lifeblood of online marketing. So, as a professional service, we will help you deliver higher-ranked content that compels visitors.
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  • SEOs often only see the big picture. And conversion optimizers get lost in details. We advocate a different approach: The focus is on the visitor and the URL. There are numerous conversions on this route.

Successful search engine optimization is a process, not a project

To effectively succeed in your optimization strategy, you have to go through several steps and above all follow a well-established process.

Ongoing web analysis

No website goes from zero to number one. This is not how search engine optimization works - at least if you proceed cleanly. You have to work out your ranking. Keywords, page architecture, and content are the basis for this. Now the ranking has to be observed and analyzed. Where are we in the ranking - and what can we do? Ranking tools can be used to monitor positions in the search. Possible options for topping up are link building, but also technical optimizations.

Clear time budget

Search engine optimization is rarely urgent, but always important. As a result, it often falls behind in everyday work. The basis for this regular work is an SEO strategy that is worked out once at the beginning.

Personnel and service providers

There are two ways to work on SEO: through your own staff or through service providers. Marketing managers who manage the project are often their own specialist staff. The same applies to managing directors. We seldom experience that sufficient resources are available in-house. Either there is a lack of technical know-how, for example with tools and web analysis. Or there is a bottleneck in content creation. The basic strategy is also often not clear.


Successful search engine optimization is neither rocket science nor "magic". Indeed, by working with tools, by working on the content and the website - all of this can be learned and implemented. This is why, as an SEO agency, we share our knowledge in client projects as well as on our blog. Even today, many companies do not optimize their site for search engines at all - and thus forgo a competitive advantage. Indeed, SEO traffic is and will remain an extremely effective marketing channel.

If you are part of such companies, we suggest you stand out from the competition by using the best online services.

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